A story that begins from afar, Giovanni Borri, Rope of the Royal House, moved to Bra from Rivoli and continued his activity in his shop in 1864.
In 1884 the company will be moved to the center of Bra in Piazza Roma.
In the meantime fourteen children arrived, the generational continuity of the activity is assured and in a peasant reality like that of the "Grande Provincia" it is not only a habit, but a true lifestyle linked to the agricultural reality and to the tradition of the countryside.
The Borri family, on the other hand, although artisans and traders, have a whole clientele of farmers and livestock breeders, and follow the rhythm and habits of the land.
The family tradition does not stop, in 1928 Giovanni Borri was born, he renews in the name the progenitor, and is the son of Bernardino. In 1938, at the age of ten, he was already on the streets in the markets with his father; only in 1993, more than fifty years later, will this direct contact with people be interrupted.
Giovanni Borri will not only dedicate himself to cordages, but also to tarpaulins, brooms, rakes, equipment ... the Borri strings have arrived outside the region, "up in Emilia" - Giovanni says and continues - my father said to serve the great to get well to the little ones "the craft company is now present in the markets of Bra, Alba, Fossano, Cuneo, all of the Granda.
In this beautiful story a prominent place goes to Mrs. Lidia, who gave birth to one of the most beautiful furniture stores in Bra, but before she was alongside her husband Giovanni to develop the family's activities.
They had three children Dino, Silvio and Davide, the latter still present in the company continues the father's business maintaining both the family tradition and innovating with new proposals for customers